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increased sales

When you embed our certificate on your website, your customers will see that your website has passed all our verifications. This will improve customers' trust and increase your sales (on average 6.8%).


Customers trust our certificate,
so they trust you as well.

With us you can gain the benefit which big companies already have: They have built up the trust in their brands over many years.

Customers will rather buy from a company they trust. With our certificate you can show them that your business is trustworthy and reliable.


Our tests methods are fast, and effective.

To verify your website and increase your trust, we will run different verifications. While some of them are mandatory, others are optional. Below you find the verifications which we are performing.

We ensure your company's authenticity with our thorough Company Register background verification. We work with government agencies to verify your company registration, giving your customers peace of mind.

We verify your postal address and ensure it exists and matches your company/website.
Your customers can be sure that their postal mail will reach you reliably.

We monitor your server uptime automatically, ensuring your website is reachable at least 99% of the time. Receive notifications if a downtime occurs, which will enable you to promptly address any issues and maintain a high uptime.

Avoid losing valuable customers due to invalid SSL certificates. Our proactive approach safeguards your online reputation. Trust us to keep a watchful eye on your SSL certificate, protecting your business and maintaining customer confidence.

We verify the correctness and reachability of your e-mail address, so customers can in fact contact you in case of any issues or requests.

In order to make sure customers can reach you via phone, we verify your phone number via text message or phone call.
Your customers can rely on our check, that there is a quick way to contact you whenever it's required.


Trust matters

Rising cybercrime, data breaches, and fake websites have made customers sceptical.

In a digital landscape full of risks, customers seek websites with strong security measures, transparency and good reputation.

Building trust is crucial to establishing lasting customer relationships and fostering a sense of security in the online world.


More Features

Besides the certificate, we have added even more features to boost reliability and trustworthiness.


SSL Encryption Monitoring

From time to time the SSL Certificate of your website is going to expire. With an expired certificate, most browsers will prevent customers from accessing your website and show a security warning. We keep track of expiring SSL certificates, and notify you in case of any issues.


Server Uptime Monitoring

Ensure uninterrupted website availability with our reliable server uptime monitoring service. Don't miss out on valuable sales opportunities due to server downtime. Our vigilant verifications guarantee round-the-clock accessibility, and we'll notify you of any interruptions.